webcam romance;)

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The tears in your eyes roll own your cheeks and I hate that i'm not there to hold you.

The pain that I hear in your voice as you try to explain, aches me.

I want to hold you tight and tell you it will pass. When you're in that place, that hell, when nothing seem bright. You look at me and smile and I want to know more of you. You turn away and laugh and I want to be there laughing with you. I think about you more and more, you're always running through my head. My soul wants to love your soul...I want to dance and feel your hands around my waist. I want you to see me for me. To say your name is painful, as it rolls off my tongue I quiver and shake. You can hold my attention and not be boring, I love watching you sleep from afar. Intimate I think. My Larry

Created: Jan 31, 2012


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