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It came to me in a dream… The device resembled a pair of headphones connected by a visor that hung directly in front of the user’s eyes. Its primary purpose would be to actively translate languages that were foreign to the user, both human and animal, in order to promote clear and meaningful communication with almost every being on the planet. The device would also let the user filter out any loud, bothersome or unwanted noises and sounds from the surrounding environment to create an individually designed and personalized soundscape.
The device was equipped with a HUD (Heads Up Display) that would monitor eye movement and allow the visor to interact with the surrounding environment. The menu could be navigated by sight by simply staring at the desired options and selections or manually by using a click wheel on the side of the headphone. The visor would vary from complete transparency to total opacity and accommodate any type of vision as well as even enhance it. It would allow you to zoom in and focus on whatever you were looking at, simply by squinting at it, and it possessed different viewing modes such as thermal and night vision as well as the ability to take pictures and record video and audio. The HUD would display information about the surrounding environment. You would be able to learn about something simply by looking at it. By looking up at the stars, the device would outline constellations and planets and display their information. It would be able to map out and display directions and distances to locations as well as schematics.
When I awoke, I pondered the invention, the dream and it’s meaning. What kind of repercussions would such a device have on society? Destroying the boundaries of language could integrate everyone into global conversation. No doubt an instant and unlimited access to knowledge of the surrounding environment would prove useful in the daily life of an average person, but at what cost? If this device became our main source of information, our knowledge would become dependent of it. We could forget to doubt or question what the device is telling us. We would become detached and desensitized to the immediate world around us and begin living through this seamlessly integrated machine. Perhaps, I wondered, the technology should be restricted. But that would no doubt be too much power for a single person to possess. Alas, I realized there is no magic answer or perfect solution. My dream of perfect communication was nothing more than a dream.

Created: Jan 30, 2012


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