This Most Terrible, Beautiful Day (Post-Apocalypse)

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The sky is such a gorgeous hue,

The sun continues to shine,

I'm not sure if I want to live,

On an earth that's only mine,


Birds fly the other direction,

Am I going the wrong way?

I am lost in this confusion,

On this most terrible, beautiful day,


I don't know where I'm headed,

I just know I can't look back,

Even though my soul is weary,

And sweet company I do lack,


As I walk towards the horizon,

I am chilled to have the thought,

I will never hear another live voice,

Never find the love I sought,


But although I'll remain loveless, 

No one can hurt me anymore,

Though I would take any kind of pain,

For a heart I could adore,


I'm trying not to think this way,

As the birds above me soar,

But how did I survive this mess,

And what did I survive for?


My heavy heart keeps walking,

This air chills me to the bone,

And still I can't let it sink in,

That I'm in this world alone,


Conversations will grace me no more,

Neither will a lovely face,

Although I'll have no more arguments,

I'll never feel a warm embrace,


There will be no more new movies,

No new music to my ears,

I'll no longer celebrate holidays,

The rest of my isolated years,


Wherever I go I'll always be first,

But I suppose I'll also be last,

Up until I stood here all alone,

This world never seemed so vast,


So as I walk among the souls,

That are now fading to black,

I place one foot before the other,

As my heart whispers "Don't look back."


This piece was heavily inspired after seeing fractaldust's image "Don't Look Back". It is also inspired by the trailer for my soon to be brother-in-law, Luke Passmore's movie, The Day (he is the writer.) He and I both share a love for zombies and all things post-apocolyptic. 


Created: Jan 30, 2012

Tags: dead, solo, alone, chill, soul, xanlee, lovely, xan, isolated, terrible, loveless, apocalypse, survive, creep, pain, earth, fittest

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