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Good vibrations are now easier to create and receive than ever, thanks to an all new practical application of the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking: Bliss~. In fact if you are already in touch with the spiritual dimension you may not even need our Bliss~ technology to tune yourself in to the frequency of the heart and experience the pure and utter joy of being alive. However spiritually inclined you already are, Bliss~ can bring you deeper along your quest for enlightenment or simply be the first step on a new found journey towards the divine.

Easily installed inside the home and safe for all ages, the Bliss~ sound system offers stress relief and peace of mind for all who use it. Spend five minutes to half an hour a day meditating and soaking in good vibrations and benefit from lowered anxiety, levelheadedness, clarity, patience, open mindedness and a deeper personal understanding. Vibrating at 528 hertz and repairing your DNA, Bliss~ puts you in touch with yourself and the world around you, eliminates negativity and opens the door to a life of purpose, love and blessings from above. Use the system as a tool to rise above your daily routine and create meaning in your life. Through regular meditation and spiritual experiences, Bliss~ will allow you to enhance your relationships with friends, family and those around you and help you find your place in the universe.

The Bliss~ sound system is not associated with any religious doctrine and is focused simply on positive thinking, personal health and well being. Other recommended activities to complement daily meditation/relaxation include yoga, healthy eating and dynamic social activity. Do not be surprised if after experiencing Bliss~ your daily routine and overall lifestyle begins to change dramatically. Bliss~ allows you to tune in to the frequency of supreme happiness but does not guarantee these vibrations will carry over into your daily life. In order to continually receive love you must continually give love in all of your actions.

Negative personas will not be refunded.

Created: Jan 30, 2012


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