the broken home

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the walls have all cracked

the ceiling's caved in

the good of our smiles

didn't outweigh the sin


the floorboards uprooted, 

the doorways offset,

this place, once a home,

is now a victim of neglect. 


... but i don't even care that the dishes are broken

that the photos are missing

that the stuff has been stolen

i don't give a shit 

that the termites are fat

with the wood from stairwell,

I could care less. In fact,

the thing that breaks my heart

is that now i'm forced to see

that this shitthole of a house

reflects us, you and me. 


we've rotted inside, like these spoiled, 10-foot walls. 

and we didn't even care. we just didn't have the balls

to put it back together, and maybe not perfect or pristine,

a bit of glue would've helped... And a good scrubbing to keep clean.


maybe it was me. maybe it was you. 

maybe it wouldn't have mattered if we used the strongest glue.

maybe the walls could hear all the cruel things that were spoken.

maybe the house gave up on us, and preferred to just be broken. 


Created: Jan 30, 2012


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