The Portal

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It was just standing there, in the middle of the room. At first he did not understand it. How was it possible? It went against all that he had been taught. Gravity seemed suspended; it was as though an invisible hand was holding it up, unwavering.

He approached it slowly as he was afraid it would collapse. He walked around it a few times, looking at it suspiciously, still skeptical. Was he dreaming? Could this really exist? He needed to know. Was this it? Would it really do what he had heard it could do? Was the shiny little dial the key to unlock the greatest machine of all time? Such a simple-looking device. He had seen thousands of them in his life, but never one like this. It was so similar and yet so different.

Hesitantly, he lifted his arm and ran his fingers against the dial, gently pressing down a series of numbers he was made to memorize. The entire thing shook violently, making the door gently swing inwards.

What he saw, he couldn’t believe. He caught a glimpse of a bright blue sky, heard the sound of crashing waves, and felt the heat of the sun beating down from above. Was it possible? Was he dreaming?

An irresistible pull was drawing him into the mirage. Surrendering to it, he took a step into the doorway.

The world seemed to be pulled from underneath him. Disorientation washed over him. He was falling, yet floating. Up was down and down was up. The colors blurred past him at an incredible speed. He was starting to feel nauseous. BANG. The sound of an explosion reverberated in his mind. It was relentless, getting louder and louder until it became unbearable. It felt as though both his body and mind were being ripped apart in every direction. He screamed, but no sound came out. He reached up to clutch his head, trying to keep it from ripping apart, but there was nothing. He was nothing. There no longer was a “he”, only the disorientation and the unbearable sound of the explosion. Nothingness.

Behind a glass window, two men stood watching, expressionless.

“The Portal failed again. We just lost another one.”

“Then try the next frequency. And bring in test subject number 32.”

Created: Jan 30, 2012


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