A special wee goodbye :) X

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Hey there everyone!

I've decided to trundle off into the proverbial online sunset X

Hitrecord faces an exciting future and there is at present a wonderful opportunity that Joe has given folks to engage in a discussion on how to improve the hitrecord experience for old and new members. I hope that goes well and the website continues to evolve! I know from my experience of meeting the man, that he is a caring, sensitive guy with an artists spirit and a drive towards the empowerment of others.

But in the meantime my own professional career has developed at an unexpected pace (i'll be shooting two features this year -one of them a scary one) and am I'm desperate too to get started on a range of other assorted multi-media goodies too! (I've always been an excitable producer!) Hitrecord is such an all consuming intellectual and emotional experience that you really have to be 'in or out' or at least it has always occupied that place in my heart.

Some of my favourite experiences i'd like to share with my fellow hitrecorders include,

1) Making many new friends from around the world! Such wonderful and beautiful people, whom i'll still pester and annoy on facebook!

2) Being given the opportunity to introduce Morgan 2 with Metaphorest on stage at SXSW on stage!

3) Buying Jared a Nestle Crunch Bar (delivered to Jared in the manner of a creepy uncle whom you never knew you even had...)

4) Discovering Hutz in Austin (the best burgers IN THE WORLD! - honest!

5) Experiencing the magic of the live Midnight Matinee Show (Joe's table dancing was superb!)

So its not a sad goodbye and im eternally grateful for the hitrecord experience, and for the opportunity to meet the staff, all of them awesome guys, Marke, Jared, Joe, Dan and Michael

Lots of Love and good luck!


Created: Jan 30, 2012


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