Emily's Law of Motion

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Far, far away from town,
In a village where everything was shades of grey and brown,
Lived a little girl surprisingly happy…
Her name was Emily.

Day after day, Emily woke up early,
Focusing on what she loved the most: Bakery!

From her grandmother she had learned:
“Success is not a given, it is something to be earned!
Not from an expensive book,
Nor from a reputable crook,
Only love and caring
Will teach you secrets for incredible baking!”

Cookies and muffins of all flavors,
Made the delight of her friends and neighbors.
Of sublime taste,
They were baked with love and grace.

The reviews were unanimous: “Emily’s Muffins:
Magnificent! Deli-sexy-licious!
They are sins for your taste buds
and on top of that nutritious!”

Among all, there was one unique and very special recipe…
Extraordinary and tasty, they were “Morning Sunshine Glory”.

“A little bit of this and a little bit of that,
Golden raisins, brown sugar and fat.
Salt, ginger, baking soda,
Cinnamon and vanilla.
Mix in the all-purpose-flour
And last, add the baking powder.

For a while let it rest.
Be patient, it’s in your best interest!
Rise up higher and higher,
This baking powder has magic power!

Scoop half the batter into regular sized muffin tins,
Use the other half as fuel for the motor and turbines.

Bake the muffins for twenty minutes in the oven,
Enough time for this Hot Air Balloon to reach heaven!”

High above clouds, this huge and fantastic machine
Would fly and digest muffin batter, a somewhat unique benzene…

Following her grandmother words of advice,
Inside a creative and colorful floating device,
Emily would bake her delicious muffins,
Then from the sky, she would deliver them by dozens…

After weeks of pondering, Emily had a revelation:
“This is it! This is my greatest invention!
Emily’s Law of Motion: Your passion can lift up spirits.
With a bit of love, caring and a sprinkle of imagination,
Many people can share benefits!”

And so, this is how the story goes,
If it’s a myth or truth, no one really knows…

But as you look above,
Wondering what those fluffy clouds are made of,
Remember Emily and her Law of Motion…
It may sound crazy but it’s an interesting notion…

And if by any chance,
You see a muffin attached to a flying balloon,
Reach out and grab it fast, before it lands on the moon!

Created: Jan 30, 2012


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