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To the children of our future generations,

If you are reading this letter, it means that the time capsule of 2152 has been successful. This letter is intended to help support the facts that you have learned in school about your ancestors who lived a hundred years ago. Two centuries ago, people used basic tools such as paper money, cars and pens. In my era these devices have ceased to exist as the UTTU does it all for me. I have been thinking of how I should describe our world to you, and the old poem “Lost Generation” by Jonathan Reed has come to mind. I have quoted the beginning of the poem as it describes the reality that surrounds me daily.

“I am part of a lost generation” that has been lost in technological advancement. Humans have become objects of this new technology. This said technology is the Ultra Tickno Tech Uhr (UTTU). This watch, invented by Adrian Braun, has created many possibilities that were once unimaginable. I wear a custom-made lens, which activates my personal screen that can only be seen by me. The UTTU contains a small chip that projects holographic images of all its functions. It’s my identification card, as well as being my bankcard and my transportation device. The identification function is very practical in emergencies. Health problems and allergies are quickly discovered before administrating medications that could be fatal. What’s more, transportation is fast! The watch sends an electric signal through the arteries of my body and finally reaches a chip that is situated in my wrist. My body is then surrounded by an aura, which gravitates me to a new location. It is also quite easy to switch between applications. I enter my activation code and choose the desired option.

The Ultra Tickno Tech Uhr has simplified our life, but at what cost? Sure, there are certain advantages… Environmental problems (such as pollution) caused by cars have been eliminated. It is also practical and quick. But there are still problems. There are system breakdowns and electrician officers have ceased the flow of electricity in UTTUs due to unpaid bills. This has resulted in severe accidents and deaths as people were in the middle of using the UTTU. When a UTTU is lost or stolen, transportation is almost impossible as it is very limited. No longer can it be said that privacy exists. Since the existence of this gadget, companies have been able to target particular publics for advertising their products. The companies who create those applications have access to our personal information, and manipulate them in their advantage by sending publicity. They create unnecessary need based on their research. The UTTU is too powerful, and governments have abused of this power- nationally and internationally by increasing price of the electricity used. The also decree a law that all citizen must have the UTTU. We are victims of a technology that can no longer be controlled. We are not happy. We will never be happy with this technology, unless we choose to take control of this addiction.

I hope your world is a good one,
Amélina Du Grand.

Created: Jan 30, 2012


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