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From the office of the FDA

Following a recent court decision, the Food and Drug Administration has forbidden further manufacturing of Relive Memory Capsules, which have been shown to create a dangerous dependency. Originally manufactured as a way for people to re-experience precious memories more directly than with photographs or video, Relive allowed the user to consume the device, part chemical and part mechanical, and store an occasion they wished to relive in the future. Once consumed, the device recorded all the experiences of the following twelve hours, from gustatory to emotional sensations. The device then stayed in the individual’s stomach (with no documented averse health effects) until they chose to “relive” their memory or dispose of it. In addition to the initial Relive capsule, the kit for purchase also contained eight “triggers” and one final pill to dislodge the Relive capsule, allowing it to pass through the system. The chemical “triggers” released the stored experiences, wherein the user entered a coma-like state for twelve hours.
Experiences Inc., the creators of the technology, had intended it to be used only on occasion as a special experience, and then ultimately let it remain as a memory. Quickly, however, they found that people became obsessed with their own memories and experiences and a black market developed around the distribution of extra “triggers”. People became addicted to reliving their memories and lost all interest in living their daily life. When faced with the option of another day of work or banal chores, people consistently wished to instead re-experience a purely pleasurable memory. Earlier this year saw the first deaths brought about by overuse of the capsules as Richard Lawrence in Chicago and Christopher Digras in Los Angeles both became so addicted to reliving their stored memories that stopped eating and drinking. Psychologist Clarence Burton had the chance to analyze users who had become addicted to the capsules and spoke at the court hearings on the drugs, where he spoke of their dangerous effects: “These people experience a split between reality and their memory world, losing all interest in the former, which to them appears increasingly dull and unappealing. They pass their active hours as gaunt, listless zombies.” Experiences Inc. has hired a number of specialists and has started a program in efforts to help these people return to a normal, happy way of life.

Jesse Cumming
COMS 274

Created: Jan 29, 2012


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