New Series Idea?

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The title of the series is Joe.
After a brutal break up with his fiancee and then being fired from his job as a Juicy Fruit gum tester, Joe Collins takes a vacation back to his small hometown Duckersville. Duckersville is a quaint but quirky town in Ohio. This is where Joe's adopted Italian immigrant parents run a small deli. Also working at the deli is Joe's cousin Harry, a not so bright teen who was found in the pea patch growing up. After visiting his old town friends Joe meets the new town doctor, Anna, who he immediately falls in love with. Now with his sights on Anna, Joe decides to move back to Duckersville and work at his parent's Deli while dating Anna and trying to bring sanity to a small country town. This might even be able to be some kind of movie. I think this would be the perfect vehicle for the site founder Joe. I'm currently writing and coming up with new series ideas too! Thanks for reading everyone, have a great day!

Created: Jan 29, 2012


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