Food Fit For A King!

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A poem inspired by a line of Shakespeare...


“A man may fish with the worm that hath eat of a King, and eat the fish that hath fed of that worm.” -Hamlet IV.III.26-27


One fine day a man did depart,

Across the way to his nearest graveyard.

Sneaky and skillful he had to be,

For the stone was not for one like you or me.

From the King’s grave the man took a worm,

Then quickly and quietly he did return

To his old house, near to the lake,

And settled on a stump near to his rake.


From this perch the man raised his rod,

And on it attatched his new found, inch long,

Squirmy, slimy and juicy new friend,

The one hope for dinner would now depend.

Breathless the man sped to his favorite spot,

Looking for a fish to put in his pot.

Boil it, fry it, place it in stew,

That is what this man hoped to do.

One cast he threw into the lake,

Little did he know, it was one of fate.


The rod sped left and right,

But he battled with might!

Up and down he was thrown,

Until, with a groan,

He threw the fish onto the grass.

In awe he gazed at his fine bass.

Twenty, Thirty, Fifty whole pounds!

Still, with it he would leap and bound 

back to his home where the water was boiling

Two days full of eating is what he’d be spoiling.

An hour later he looked at his plate,

Littered with bones of his fish of the lake.


On the next day he strolled by the castle.

Suddenly he was grabbed and harasseled.

“You, come with me,” said the man in fine robes.

With force he was yanked by the earlobes.

Into the throne room he was thrusted,

His eyes met the tyrant King that nobody trusted.

“This man could run our country better than you!

A simple fisherman, innocent and true.”

The King laughed, down in his gullet.

Deeply he bellowed, “Well then prove it!”

Everyone’s eyes moved to the man,

All awaiting to hear his grand plan.

“All I know is you have been very rude,

And we could all use some more food.”

The crowd erupted with grand applause.

So simple, So brilliant this man was.

Unanimously they all agreed,

The new King, this man would be.


Created: Jan 29, 2012

Tags: king, hamlet, fisherman, poem, shakespeare

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