Mr. Listless

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His listlessness was a symptom of his lack of orginization

Every trip to the grocery store relied on his imagination.

This one trip,

he made a list,

four lemons, four soda pops,

ten alcohols, two cough drops.

As he reached for four citrus fruits,

A most pretty lady set him mute.

She walked straight up to the lemon stand

grabbed him sharply by the hand,

dragged him back to his old place

opened the door and remarked with disgrace,

"What is this loathsome mess?

I expected linens of fine dress

from a man holding in his fist

such a detailed grocery list."

She walked out and slammed the door,

leaving Mr. Listless kissless once more.



Created: Jan 29, 2012

Tags: kissless, grocery store, listless

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