Comforted by your fleets of infinite space
Boundless barren softness
Seducing the eye with its tenderness
Your luring changes create wonder
Your murderous antics provide me
With an insight into your depth…

A twining of silky dunes lay to bear
Once the hazy confusion subsides
Without me by your side you fail
To realize what’s behind the dust.
Places of pierce blue sky
Golden rays reflecting off the
Powered dust of imagination.
A torrent of emotional overwhelming
Following a current of happiness…
Then gone

Dispersed without any answers of truth
Or questions of knowing
Simply satisfied with the peace that is
For a time
One moment of silence
Then the resonating impact of a memory
Statue to my thoughts
The whispers of reality
Gallop towards the future

You crawl back to submission
Behind a cold dreary seclusion
Leaving behind a mist of insecurity
With your world of
Predictable story lines
Depict able days
Ignore the cruelty of arrogance
Admit to your humanity
You’re over cast shadows
Show neither bliss nor neglect
Simply the illusion of what
You will never get…
A sided partner to call your own
While you casually descend into
Being alone


Created: Mar 22, 2010


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