Candy Cannibalism: Origins

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OR, How Twitter begat A Modest Proposal: Jelly Babies


Just so people are aware, and because I find it interesting, this was actually birthed in gchat and twitter. I was gchatting with librarygirl6 and showed her a picture of my jelly babies, calling them creepy, that I had tweeted because wirrow had mentioned them and she said 'this reminds me of cannibalism' and came up with the idea that we should make a jelly baby version of A Modest Proposal, which we then took to twitter, where Metaphorest had mentioned a possible candy sequel to Strawberry Bootlaces using jelly babies. Then Day Glo got on board and tagooey made the collab, where she posted the original A Modest Proposal text, based on librarygirl6's suggestion, which Metaphorest rewrote with a jelly babies flare (Metaphorest hadn't read the original until today! Look at hitRECorders teaching each other things :D ) and I made a little scene using my jelly babies to potentially make this some sort of stop motion thing (and to show everyone what jelly babies actually are) and then Day Glo posted an amazing reading. So, yeah, that's what hitRECorders can do in a day with a crazy idea on twitter and some spare time :o)

Created: Jan 28, 2012

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