By twistedthursday

he was my finest friend
my constant companion
my sun when the clouds decided to weep
his aura colored my gray living
with its vibrant strokes of lust and endearment
my tiny soul was made for him
he learned it the night we got lost on the dance floor
the floor where we painted
our innocent and demure consciousness for one another
I never knew what faith was
up until I was drown in his golden seeglobes
and when his glorious rainbow bleached into a slight darkness
I thought I lost it
but then a sensible argument crawled into my mind;
I can never lose it—faith
faith is forever
which means forever is him


Notice the use of word 'seeglobes' there? Yeah, can't get that word out of my mind for the past few days. Metaphorest, your made-up words are just so awesome. :D This poem was actually written during my final exam. I was bored, I had to do something and came up with this. :P


Created: Mar 22, 2010


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