Repaying The Devil

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We have so little time our hair grays our hearts sink

We realize the dreams in our eyes aren’t what we think

Hold out our hands into the air and hope kindness is there

A heart to reach out and grasp the blindness we can’t bear

All we seek is someone who will care…


Sheltered in the enclosure of exposition and straight posture

No harm can come to us for our ignorance is the blissful cure

Lest we age and change and hit the wall of a blast of truth

An explosion that shatters and tatters our point of view

A view that over time becomes skewed…


Shall we bury our heads in the sand and cover our eyes

Hear no evil, see no evil, and witness nothing in the skies

We turn a blind eye and pray for rain but it will never change

Cold comfort for this is the reward for such an exchange

But to hope for change is to be deranged…


Our hands are tied by turning away and our skin grays

The hopes and dreams become dust in a forgotten buffet

A place where food for thought slowly rots eternally away

A place where change occurs as rapidly truth betrays

Saving our breath for the devil must be repayed…


Created: Jan 28, 2012


Vedder Document Media