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Skip and the Turtle

By MadisenMusic

(Sometimes I just love hanging with my 4year old niece Gabrielle. Big thanks to her. Please check out some others in the resource.)


There once was a boy named Skip.

He loved to skip rocks; but he didn't have any friends.

The rocks were(was) his friends.

One day he skipped a rock really far!

He heard a loud noise.


"What was that?!" said Skip.

"It was me!!"


"My name is Bobby and you hit me with a rock!!"

Bobby was a Sea Turtle and he was mad.

"Why did you hit me?!!"

"I'm sorry Bobby! I just love to skip rocks."

"Skipping rocks? I used to skip rocks when I was a wee Turtle!"


"Yes I did!!"

"Will you skip rocks with me?!"

"Well of course!!"

Skip was so happy, he hadn't smiled this big in a long time.

He wasn't just a lonely boy skipping rocks.

He had a real friend; and they skipped rocks every day!

The end!

Goodbye! :) 

Skip and the Turtle

Created: Jan 27, 2012


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