Killer Moustache: The tiny movie

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I love Klosinski's Hursery Rhyme (tiny story) Moustache poem, and I also love Soupy's Killer Moustache image.  It'd be awesome if someone could combine them into a tiny movie/animation.

Here's what I see...

As a voice over of the poem begins you see his regular moustache grow from a normal length to very long (and of course he's alive at first).  Then towards the end of the poem it winds around his neck, which you think is cute at first (maybe it looks like a bow tie?), but then alas he is dead and his eyes change to the Xs.

I can see it in my head, I just don't have the skills to execute it!  :-)

Created: Jan 27, 2012

Tags: soupy, killer moustache, tiny story, tiny movie, tiny film, rerecs, nursery rhyme, hursery rhyme, klosinski, beautyofthelake remix, beautyofthelake idea

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