Take Control (Paying Debt Blues)

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##Hearing this peticular sound motivated me to rewrite some thoughts i had been stuck on recently. I rap dark nerdcore normally, but i'm feeling... these blues.


lemme speak some words, and get up in your mental
the sickness in the system makes me feel like i'm a rental
i got a trick left, but it doesn't feel right
but i'm feelin this beat like i might take flight
and i might take back everything i've ever said
if i agreed upon a contract, that i have never read.
what am i to do? i need a breath of air
to soak in all the rules as if i try so hard to care
so this is how we're ending? little off-grid mendings?
little voices in the news with nobody yet ascending?
Oh yeah?
you want to change the world, get another job.
find a way to work, find a problem to solve.
nobody cares about the debts you've met,
or about whatever's left, TAKE CONTROL
find a way to play the game, or better yet,
realize that you don't have dreams.
it's like we're all pawns in a pyramid scheme.

you can't get wealthy from a job, you get wages for your slave engagements
put the money in your pants and wonder why you have no savings.
do this little ditty and you'll leave yourself sticky,
but the money comes first, and the first comes quickly
when the cash flow's down and your movement is fast
and you're feeling so up that you might just last
and extra mile that you needed just to get the job done.
there's probably a reason that you feel so numb.
there's probably a reason that you seem so dumb:
they're always measuring your methods and taxing all your fun.
could you share the world, or would you take it for yourself?
do you really think... that you can PAY for WEALTH?
do you really feel that if you're getting really ill
that it's not a good deal for the man selling you a pill?
FOR REAL? you gotta be sick if you want to get well,
but untill you do, life is gonna be....

Easy on the pains like i ration my food,
and if i slow down my breathing, i might be changin my mood.
i could probably be famous if i had cuteness to boot,
but all that's left is the words that i am flowing to you.
my faith in the world has left me hungry and cold,
although my talent's for sale, i feel i might be too old.
i've always wanted to fly but i got chains on my feet.
i just can't go with their flow, i have to find my own beat.
and if there's blood on my hands, it's all suprising to me,
i never bothered to look, i wasn't taught to be free.
i think this world is a lie, and everything's in my head.
the only truth that i know, is everything i was fed.
i've got ideas in my head, feels like i'm losing my mind.
sometimes i feel like i'm dead, but i've got plenty of time
this feeling won't seem to leave, it's building up to an end
i'm not as wise as i seem, but i'm seeing a trend.

Created: Jan 26, 2012

Tags: nerdcore, dark nerdcore, rap, remix, blues

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