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Interviewer: Hello and welcome back to Hollywood Tonight! My name is Chaz and I'm here with the infamous Dean Byron whose finally going to talk about his most recent invention, The DreamCatcher. Why don't you tell the viewers who don't know a little bit about it?

Byron: Well, one night I was staring at my dreamcatcher and had an idea. I thought, what if, a dream catcher could really catch your dreams? The thought wouldn't leave me and I developed it even further--what if they could decipher your dreams for you too? I mean imagine the answers you could get from your own mind--no counselling, or fear of making the wrong decision. So I started developing it right away and created a prototype. I tested it on myself and it helped me develop it further.

Interviewer: So how does it work now? What are the risks?

Bryon: The initial purchase of The Dreamcatcher calls for the individual to attach wires to their temples and give The Catcher access to their conscious mind. Once this is done, the individual must hang the catcher above their pillow, and allow the feathers to fall above their head. In the morning, The Dreamcatcher is connected to The Dreamcatcher Tablet, and the individuals dreams play out on the screen, just like a movie. Of course there is a high security system that must be decoded by the individual to access this, because of course this is all very personal information, and that is one of the risks you're taking--you never know who could get this information. Following the the initial viewing, there is an 'interpret' button. This is where the analysis of the conscious mind comes into play. The Dreamcatcher consults the major points of the conscious mind as well as a pre programmed dream decoder, and deciphers the dream. Often the individual should ponder a question or issue they need their own advice on--some sort of decision perhaps--this is something that comes with practice, the more you do it, the more results you will get. The Dreamcatcher will present a general interpretation of the dream, in which the individual can consult, and although not perfect, I must say in past experience it has been extremely accurate, and time and time again has led me in the right direction. I mean look where its got me! Theres no better advice than the kind you give yourself.

Interviewer: Incredible! Absolutely. I look forward to trying one out.

Created: Jan 25, 2012


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