The Medicine Man at the Coffee Shop

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The Medicine Man at the Coffee Shop: Day 3

It was a spectacular day - spring has come! Our bright star was in all its glory as it beamed pleasant rays into the coffee shop. My left cheek toasty and flushed.

I had been sedentary in my corner for a lengthy amount of time scouring for my next involuntary participant when I saw him. He was the perfect specimen - his digits so expressive and eyeballs ever so chirpy. I smiled.

I gawked and ogled before I could scribble down on my logbook.

The lively man was fenced in around the table with paperbacks, hardbacks, and tomes. I squinted my eyeballs - cardiology, pharmacology, pathology, ophthalmology, immunology, neurology, among others. He was a medical student.

The gent had several volumes open and sprinkled about the table. His noggin bobbing to the beat that oozed down his headphones. I stared.

He flipped through the cardiology paperback, nodded, flipped some more, tee-heed and hunted-and-pecked on his notebook. Eyes twinkled, feeling triumphant. The man took out candy-colored rollerballs and chose his next victim amongst his books - pathology. He jotted vigorously - here and there, everywhere! His exuberance transferred onto the keys as he powerfully pitter-pattered on the magical square keys that delivered data into the virtual world. His perfectly rounded cranium dancing side-to-side. Vivacious - Mr. Eenergy!

Is this what life’s like for a med student? I pondered.

Created: Mar 21, 2010


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