i have a question for Metaphorest!

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...so i'm coming right to the source. (hi metaphorest!)

we noticed that at the end of the premier last night, the end credits for zeppelin zoo read "eleventeeNth" date. which is funny, cuz that's how i first read it, and my first poster read that way too (tho no one seemed to notice).

once i did notice it, i posted a corrected version that said "eleventEEth" - and my original poster got knocked off, not just the front page where it was featured, but out of the featured archives altogether (ouch.) so i thought, whoa, i really fucked up there.

an honest mistake either way, it seems, since it's a metaphoresian invention to begin with. i just wanna know what the really, truly correct word is meant to be, and also how you'd pronounce it? (cuz i kinda hear it as "eleventy-eth", tho joe sez "eleventEEth".)

it feels a bit like playing telephone at this point, with all the variations (in my head, at least!) what say you, creative one? i feel you have the final word, afterall....and we probably want the film credits to be consistent and correct!

no offense to anyone ~~
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Created: Mar 21, 2010


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