The Snowman Who Did Not Want To Melt

By blueblended

Once, when it was very cold and fresh snow lay around and the sun was not strong enough to make it warm and melt the snow, some children made a little snowman. His nose was a carrot and his mouth as well as his eyes were made of carbon. They played all day with him and the little snowman enjoyed it immensely. In the evenings the children were inside but outside it froze and the snowman, cheerful he was, wished it to be always like that.

But one day the sun got stronger and all the snow around him melted away and the snowman started to melt too and all the children did no longer find it pleasing to play with him. So he became very sad and melted and melted more and more. He looked upon the face of the sun and he saw the wonderful smile the sun had. But he did not like it though it was a very cheerful smile. It seemed the sun was laughing at him. This made him a little angry and he wished the sun would go away.

Later on the wind found him crying and eventually helped him. So he blew as hard as he could and the snowman flew to the highest mountain where he could see snow as far as his carbon eyes could reach. Sometimes animals came over and eventually played with him. He became happier again and enjoyed the icy and clear nights where he could see all the stars gleaming with pride and smiling down at him.

But soon he found out that the snow started to melt again for even on the highest peak snow would melt. So he got very sad and did not know what to do.

"My nose will fall down if you don't stop shining at me!", he said to the sun. "Will you not go away?"

And he started to cry and he did not stop.

The big cloud over him heard him and asked him why he was crying.

"I am melting! Can you not see? I will be gone soon. But I want to stay," said the little snowman.

The cloud of course pitied him and wanted to help. So the cloud took the little snowman and flew with him to the north pole where it always was winter.

Despite the help of the cloud nothing would make him happy again, although some animals came over and had a look at him. It was not the same and he could feel that his time was at an end.

The cloud of course said that the winter would last here forever and it did so but the snow melted though and so did the little snowman and after some time he was almost gone. He looked upon the face of the sun, who smiled friendly at him and when all the water, once the snowman was made of, dropped down form the heaven onto the surface of the earth and into every river, he dreamt about every place in the world at the same time. And when enough time had gone by he might become a proud snowman again.

I first wrote this story in the late '80's when I was a child. Since then I've retold this story several times. This is another attempt, this time, trying it in english.

I've always thought it could be used for a children's book. I've even tried to make some picturues but I found out that I am, however, not good at painting.

(Some editing is probably required for english is not my native language)

by <3

The Snowman Who Did Not Want To Melt

Created: Mar 21, 2010


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