.Love Story with Tearing

By Sarah Marie

this princess she was raised by a healer and a travelling minstrel
with some friendly wolves in the mix
they taught her how to be nurturing and fierce
they taught her the beauty of leaves and twigs and berries in her hair, the butterflies would perch in it
spreading their wings like veils
she’d run through the forest, her billowing pink petticoats caught on branches
and tore
but the wolves taught her this was beautiful too
that every tear was like a window, and colorful birds flew through the holes
reminding her that her own wings were never far away

still, she thought she was alone in the forest
the minstrel’s songs and the healer’s hands brought visitors from everywhere
but no other humans lived there,
here in her world
and she was lonely
even though she was happy, and loved,
she knew, from the wolves
from the glazed-bliss look in the wolf-mother’s eyes and how her fur was hot sometimes
that there was another love
one she hadn’t known
and she couldn’t sing the minstrel’s songs all the time
because he didn’t sing about love fulfilled
so she had to find her own songs
about voices stretching across the cosmos to find each other
and spirits so excited to finally merge that they burst into bodies
just so they could remember
coming together this way

the princess danced.

this had more power than she knew it could –

the movement was beyond her
it called out to everything, in the language of motion
and suddenly the ripples in the water
the wind in the trees
all the animals
the flowers and the stars
even the sunlight
were singing a song she knew

her heartbeat kept its rhythm
as she danced and danced –

the frequencies transcended words
but the closest we have is –
cosmic love
cosmic love
cosmic love
and there it was –

all this time,
in her forest, his forest too –

“I thought I was alone here,” he said.
“you’re not,” said the princess. She held her arms out, and with every sound came –

we share this

.Love Story with Tearing

Created: Mar 21, 2010


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