staircase moment

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Colors and glitter swirl through the air.

The smell of hairspray and perfumes intoxicating in the large space

I glanced into the mirror and dabbed at my itching eyes.

I look like a fantasy, shimmering with excitement and sweating with nervousness

I stop to think of my mother’s smiling gaze, sitting, waiting, in the audience.

Deep breath


Running through my lines and songs, warming my voice for the music.

Turning to face my fellow actors I witness Chaos playing its twisted games.

The Directors yell and call for attention.

The crowd quiets.

“This is the last show! The last chance! Give it all you’ve got!

“Stay awake and listen for your cues.  No one can miss an entrance.”

“Full house!” and all chatter ceases.

We line up in our order.

I’m last in the row.

Deep breath…


My heart beat races, but my mind clears.

The stage goes black

Silence screams to all of my senses.

I feel the performers exit the wings and take places on the stage.

Mom’s smiling face.

This is my Staircase Moment.

Let’s get to it.

Deep breath…


The first half of the play went by in a blur.

Then came my solo.

I sat down on the stage and let the music sweep me away.

I hit the notes

I sang the lyrics.

And I felt my characters emotions.


The end of the play spun into place.

The bows danced on and off stage.

And then I bowed.


Standing ovation…………………… My Staircase Moment.

Created: Jan 24, 2012


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