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I don't want to cut something unless it's to a song I can listen to over and over and over, and I thought May's Track Careful Of The Tales You Tell, was really appropriate to the footage and the Public Domain Story that is, I guess, trying to be told in the LRRH collab right now when juxtaposed with the two POVs of clips. And her tracks dope as usual.

And i love when people do public domain selections, and I think they should at least be fun to watch, right? Uploaded in best quality possible and aspect ratio was adjusted to fit all other HR clips. I tried to do the longest cuts possible of the best stuff in all the videos that interested me.

Also Remember to Contribute other public domain selections and works to my collab  The Archive.Org Remix.



All the 70s Make-Up Commericals are in Duke University's Yardley Collection, which you can search for on by that name.  There are a few more, but these are the best ones.


WW2, ROSIE THE RIVITER(ahem) style Clips

"Training Women for War Production" Under Public Doman Dedication

"IDF Female Soldiers, 1950s" Under Community Video

"US News Review: Issue 5" Under Public Domain

"Women on the Warpath. ca 1943" Under Public Domain Dedication

I have to say, that a ton of these "women go to work while the men fight" videos on are really interesting to watch as well. Firstly, the blind sexism that is being spoken while these clips are going on was disturbing, and there was a whole other video that was just... omg its called "Supervising Women Workers"  really horrible shit. Look how far we have come. Onward to the white house.... anyone?  (Just Please not Kristen Gillebrand.. ugh #PIPA)

oh and btw, riot girls? on good luck.

Created: Jan 23, 2012

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