finding d'nalreven - for final collab game mix

By kouralilly

ok - this is an attempt to blend toegther all the amazingly creative works which have been produced by all playing the collab game so far...


finding d'nalreven



i sat in my window gazing out at the sky.

he had told me how to find him – how to lighten my heart and live my life in my dreams. that i would never have to grow up.

i could spend forever just as i was.

even as the thought filled my mind, the memory of him taking my hand made me feel like i was glowing.

before i could stop myself, i felt the floor fall away. looking down at my feet hovering above the carpet, i smiled to myself. i knew what i had to do …

pushing open my window, i looked back at my room for just a second. memories of my parents, my brothers, my life – my impending “grownupness” – i turned back to the night sky. finding the second star to the right, i flew into the darkness.

my heart on my dreams, my head miles away, i didn’t notice the wind blowing, the shift in the sky, or the tiny fairy pulling at my hand, turning me left …and i flew straight on till morning.

the sun broke through the clouds, and as my feet touched down on the grass, my dreams were fresh in my mind. feeling the solidity of the ground beneath my feet, i felt a peculiar rush as my heart beat double-time. and i started off for the woods to look for him…knowing we would be together soon.

but as the days went by, i lost track of time. my dreams faded against the tasks mandated by my life.

years flew by and i never realized that i was also changing. my early dreams were now echoes of a childhood i didn’t realize had fallen far behind me.

fanciful wishes and hopes had been replaced by a reality of what “is” and what “has to be.”

i never saw myself change. i just kept believing i would never be anyone other than the little girl that i was.

then one afternoon i walked past a mirror – and the sunlight swirled through my hair, catching my eyes, and i noticed the little lines around them.

my breath caught in my chest as my hand flew to my face, my fingers tracing the slight wrinkles that had formed over the passage of time i had not noticed moving.

“welcome to d’nalreven” an echoing voice sounded behind me. i spun around and saw the glimmering of a flutter-by in the sunlight. her voice danced amongst the dust motes as the tears stung my eyes.

“i wasn’t to grow up,” i said.

“you were craving life” she replied, “you wanted words and love and life. well, welcome.”

tears burning their way down my cheeks, i lost her to my blurred vision.

“welcome to d’nalreven,” she repeated, as she flew away.

heart racing, i ran to my door.

“no!” i cried as i pulled at the knob. “no!”

memories of what i had wanted, of what i had believed, of his face, flashed before me as i pulled and pulled, fighting my way outside. but the door would not budge.

falling back and crumbling to the floor, i buried my face in my hands and cried.

“looking for someone?” a dark voice cut my solitary sobbing. lifting my face, i saw the dark form of what could only be a treeoll standing in front of me. smiling a sinister smile through the crumbling leaves which comprised his head,

he passed a hand through the air and motioned the door, which opened slowly, ominously.

stepping out into the glaring sunlight, i found myself in a maze of flowers, pink in the sunlight.  reaching for a blossom, i gasped at a small elf peering out at me from the petals.

“when right was wrong for all she felt, the fae took what fate left, and tinker fell…” her voice sounded like glittering light on a cool spring stream.

without missing a beat – she stepped out towards me and pointed down into the maze.

“whether lost or confused, the new and the old, each citizen of d’nalreven lives in ages of gold. knowing their time and purpose, never confused, all who enter are welcomed – none are refused.”

her glowing eyes locked in mine, seeking my understanding. when she found it, she disappeared in a cloud of flutter-bys.

my feet crunched on the gravel as i took my first step.

my heartbeat raced as my childhood dreams spun through the air, spinning and churning, recycling and turning…

having recycled my dreams – i knew i could never give up.

i walked through that maze, searching and turning. knowing i had ended up somewhere very different than where i had set out to go. but as the flowers blew in the breeze, and i remembered my dreams, i knew i was someplace no less wonderful.

i was in d’nalreven.

my dreams would be realized, if not in exactly the way i’d thought they would be.

as my feet found their way through the bushes and trees, through the maze of my life, through the turns i would make, and i remembered him.

and the day i sat looking out at the stars, wishing to never grow up.

to never be exactly where i am right now.

but recycled, reformed – my dreams are just as beautiful as they ever were.

i’d love to tell you all about it, but i don’t think i will have the time.

i think i will be too busy being happy.

as i continue on my path.




ok this is my (VERY rough!!) proposal for the concept of the final mix!  i gues someone could edit and voiceover it (sabine/jesterlady?) and then the RECords could all be edited together to tell the story...? with a few more annimations (gaby/psalmist?) or further illustrations (barush, sabine, gaby...?).  could use the song with voiceover sabine did to start it off?

i tried to resource everything! it wouldn't let me just resource the album. i couldn't find jesterlady's "words" - but that is for sure resourced here!  i think/hope i got everthing else! (i think it took me longer to add all the resources then it did to write it! :P ah well!)

here goes - about to hit RECord...!

finding d'nalreven - for final collab game mix

Created: Jan 23, 2012


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