Edited, Added, but Still Not Done

By DianaBanana

My brain feels like it's falling
But my body stays still as the world moves around me
Thought I had learned my lessons about love and about losing
But my heart has sunken lower than its previous spot in a pit
Turns out you ripped away at my existence

Your smile is burned in my retinas and I see it when my lids drop.
Your voice echoes in my the caves of my head.

I still love you.

My cheeks are soaked with salty tears
Can't believe you let us die
Before you even truly saw me

Since your words crushed me that this was the end
Those acid wing-ed butterflies became my closest friend
They float up and land in my head
They consume me with dread
They're eating at my brains
My life will never be the same

Edited, Added, but Still Not Done

Created: Mar 21, 2010


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