LRRH public domain research

By Kavonne

The first part are clips pertaining to the stereotypical view of women and the second part shows liberated women.  I noticed that a few of the clips I chose had already been uploaded.  I decided to keep them in as I will never finish this if I keep checking others' work.


[Bongo Boards]
Beginning – 0:14 Women learning to use bongo boards

Consuming Women (Women as Consumers) (ca. 1967)
0:14 – 0:21 1960s homemaker at the oven
0:21 – 0:28 Slow-motion of woman getting engaged (excellent shot of hair whipping around)
0:28 - 0:36 Woman at meeting inept at banging the gavel

Design for Dreaming (1956)
0:36 – 0:39 In a futuristic kitchen, a 1950s housewife slips a card into a slot to choose ingredients for a dish
0:39 – 0:46 Housewife takes out cake from some kind of baking dome

Easy Does It (1940)
0:46 – 1:01 Timelapse of 1940s housewife carrying household items/equipment up and down the stairs
1:01 – 1:13 Office worker typing and returning carriage

Story of a Star, The (1956)
1:13 – 1:31 Woman putting on nylons and attaching to her garter belt

That Junior Miss Spirit (Part II)
1:31 – 1:41 Beauty pageant contestants dancing on stage
1:41 – 1:48 Winner being crowned and taking her victory walk down the runway

Fitting Faces (ca. 1940)
1:48 – 1:58 Woman looking in the mirror, putting on eyeglasses and looking rather disappointed
1:58 – 2:08 Woman sitting at makeup table referring to instructions on how to apply makeup

Chevrolet Leader News (Vol. 3, No. 2) (1937)
2:08 – 2:17 Woman wearing swimsuit being taught how to play golf. Male golf instructor places his hand on the woman's head to lower her head. Also, notice one of the women is wearing a dark old-fashioned swimsuit while the other women are wearing modern swimsuits
2:17 – 2:25 Woman's foot is being used as a golf tee for the male golfer

Technicolor for Industrial Films (ca. 1949)
2:25 – 2:33 Cosmetics and perfume carefully arranged on a revolving tabletop

Women Are Surgeons (2006?)
2:33 – 2:38 In the surgical suite
2:38 – 2:44 Two doctors walking down hospital hallway

Training Women for War Production (1943)
2:44 – 2:46 Eleanor Roosevelt
2:46 – 2:56 Clips of women working in factory

Women on the Warpath, ca. 1943
2:56 – 3:02 Clips of women building bombers

3:02 – 3:04 Woman mission specialist
3:04 – 3:06 Women in Air Force training school
3:06 – 3:12 Woman undergoing sky sailing and parachute training

All Together (ca 1970)
3:12 – 3:17 Woman frustrated at working in steno pool
3:17 – 3:21 Women naval officers taking oath onboard ship
3:21 – 3:24 Woman naval officer doing a briefing

C-J Program (College Junior) : College Girls (1970)
3:24 – 3:28
C-Js and WACs march on parade field

Study of Negro Artists, A
3:28 – 3:39 Clips of sculptor Augusta Savage

Pathe News Digest (1937, No. 3) (1937)
3:39 – 3:43 Amelia Earhart

3:43 – 3:46  Helen Reddy
3:46 -  3:52  Nikki Giovanni
3:52 – 3:56  Suffragettes
3:56 – 4:02  Clips of Shirley Chisholm
4:02 – 4:06  Quick shots of Jackie Onassis, Janis Joplin, and Gloria Steinem
4:06 – 4:09  Quick shots of Shirley Chisholm, Helen Reddy, Katharine Graham, Dr. Virginia Apgar,  and LaDonna Harris

LRRH public domain research

Created: Jan 23, 2012

Tags: lrrh public domain, women

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