LRRH Public Domain Footage - Oppressed and Liberated (?) Women

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Consuming Women (Women as Consumers) (ca. 1967)

Relevant Clips:

0:24-0:30 Woman smiling and walking towards the camera. Plain background.  Up to interpretation: Is she empowered (this is abt women as consumers) or is she merely a subject of the male gaze?

0:41-0:55 Woman smiling and dancing - I think this clip could be interpret in a more positive light.  The single woman dances alone, but appears happy nonetheless, as a couple dances in the background. 

0:55-1:05 Camera faces man and woman who are embracing.  Man has his back to the camera, you can see the woman’s face.

The rest of the clip shows the woman performing stereotypical "women's work:" taking care of children, cooking, typing on a typewriter, etc.

Created: Jan 22, 2012

Tags: 1960s, women dancing, women, public domain, house work, consumerism

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