Strike Up The Band

By theronin23

If this should be
The last night i see
Never to be free
Never to feel immortal glee

To die at my own hand
Give up my life on my command
i would be at satans demand
So strike up the band

Play me a song
So this doesnt feel so wrong

To leave the earth with a whimsical grin
Blissfully unaware of the hell i'll be in
The only reason i don't commit this sin
Fear of the weeping and gnashing's din

Driving me to an untimely end
When being a man was just around the bend
The pain and sorrow Your hatred lend
Saying for myself i'll never fend
That You'll always be the one to tend
The disgust in Your voice coming to crescendo

So strike up the band
In Satan's land
You've won a victory so grand
Maybe now knowing when to give up He'll finally call me a man

Taking one last gasping breath
Why does epiphany only come before death

An Unfinished Symphony.

Strike Up The Band

Created: Mar 21, 2010


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