Daddy's Little Girl

By theronin23

Daddy's little girl, out on the streets
High heels and flashy clothes in the Miami summer heat
As fancy cars drive by she stands on the corner
Daddy's little girl, turned into a whore

Daddy doesn't know, thinks she's in college
Secrets kept from him, leading up to this ledge
If he knew all that she was, years ago
Daddy's little girl, a common street ho

Honor and purity disappeared
Easily in the teenage years
Mother keeps mum, sister does as well
If they say a word, the youngest goes to hell

Went off to find herself, without daddy knowing
Couldn't hide it anymore, the baby started showing
Had a little girl, needed more money
Out on the boulevard, sellin' honey

If daddy found out, blood would be shed
Which is better, hide it from daddy, or be dead
Another fancy car drives by her corner
Daddy's little girl, turned into a whore

Daddy's Little Girl

Created: Mar 21, 2010


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