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I felt the warmth of his arms wrap around my waist.

Lips caressed my face.

Slowly, skin rubbed against skin,

Life’s beauty had taken its course.

There was a faint glow in the window

and shadow overlapped most of his face.

The feeling of reality began to overcome me.

After floating in the air for over, what felt to be,

an eternity, I was alive now.

It was comfort and one so young has always been forbidden from such love.

Or was it lust?

Was it lust mixed with the sense of security, comfort, and a smile that could never leave our faces?

If it was lust, it never felt so grand.

But in honesty, this wasn’t lust, but love!




Floating on a cloud;

Breath taking love.

It was the sweet scent of pineapple, strawberry and coconut.

The calm rush of beauty,

Where the sun gleams and the wind is fresh.

The sound of ocean waves beating the heart filled air and sandy floor of the sea shore.

This was eternity.

This was everlasting.

This was happiness; Happiness that would soon have to end.

The overprotecting and yet somehow intimidating love!

Getting out of the trance was the hard part.

Even as the cold floor pressed against my numb feet,

I was still floating on that cloud.

The radio turned on and every beat,

Melody and lyric soothed through my body only reminding me of him.

All of a sudden I was under warm, rushing water;

Beating my head like drums with no rhythm.


When did the water start?

When did the music come into play?

Had I really done so much and never notice?

I opened my eyes, then, to find myself against

The bare body I had woken up to.

His hands stroking my hair under the rhythm less waterfall.

Suddenly my head moved upward and lips were to lips

as magnet is to metal.

It was eternal rush!

He stepped out of the glass door leaving my limb,

Lifeless and numb body still was standing under the waterfall.

I saw soft lips move, heard the soft chime of the words,

And they said “Don’t be long, love” and life settled in. 



Created: Jan 21, 2012

Tags: morning, love, stories, life, poetry, short

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