Bed Of Dreams

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Dear Sleep,


I miss the strength of your embrace

The way you close in upon me at night

The calm you put above this place

The failed attempts to put up a fight

The comforting thought of getting rest

The dreams that float through my head

The way you make me look my best

The feel of the blankets warm soft thread

The fluff of the pillow just like a cloud

The tingling in my bones as I lay down

The morning waking me up so proud

The cars woosh by is the very last sound

It’s nights like these, when I can’t sleep

That I miss you most and want you back

I didn’t appreciate that what I had was deep

So I’m sorry that my love did lack

Now please come back my sweet sweet rest

So I can wake up tomorrow not as bad

In the morning I have an early test

So please come back, or I’ll be so sad.


Love, Carly.

P.S I’m very tired.

Created: Jan 20, 2012

Tags: sleep, original poetry, love poems, lullaby poem

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