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She is the kind of person who makes you hurt inside but you never let it show, she is the kind of person who you tell secrets too that you didn't want her to know.


You think of the good time's but then the bad times come at full blast, but then you think her attitude won't last. 


She ask's for something and takes it with out an answer, making you feel like she's Santa controlling you that little prancer. 


You don't think she's low, but then that feeling of her begins to spiral and grow. Your idea of her just starts filling up with hate, but then an illusion makes you think she's great. 


You feel loved, wanted, and like you belong, the next day she goes to far and does a lot of wrong. 


Tomorrow She is sympathetic , but then you think pathetic. She's acting like she's your friend for no reason, her mood swings are changing like the season.


You move on you're right, your self realization makes you bright, then and there you have won the greatest fight


- Climberclo

Created: Jan 20, 2012


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