Reading People

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This is a stop motion video I made originally for my grad school application. Here is the writing I used for the piece.

Did you know we can read people like books...

You can read their eyes like lines on parchment, like lines on sheet music, like lines on a chalkboard.

We read lines everywhere... every line we begin to read is a sentence waiting to mold into a story.

Every line is an emotion... every line reads line the lines on our faces, hands and thumbprints.

Every line is a part of our identity...

Every scar tells of our battles...

lines keep record of a moment of our time...

The seconds we laughed. the seconds we cried, the seconds we were angry, the seconds we were in love, the seconds we had inspiration.

Every millisecond of our time is recorded on the lines that encircle us.

Created: Jan 20, 2012


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