Final MMM 2 Score!

By Nathan

Amazing job everyone! Massive props to the Hit RECorchestra!

Thank you all so much for submitting such a wide array of incredible parts. I had so many options to choose from, it was almost like I was carving away a sculpture to let a bit of each part shine through.


Morgan & Destiny's Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo
Written by Nathan Johnson

Drums - JeffPeff
Tambourine, Guiro, Piano - claire
Triangle, Djembe, Banjo - manwithhat
Upright Bass - Ignatius
Additional Upright Bass - Krrr & Ron
Strings - Krrr & Serenity
Cello - birdinlay
Additional Violins - Ambeestar
Acoustic Guitars, Melodica, & Glockesnpiel - Nathan
Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitar, Zither - JonnyRodgers75
Whistling - egradman
Flute - savannahmonet
Trumpet - Aaespo
Baritone Sax - Krrr & Clint
Clarinet & Mandolin - Adeel4Real
Accordion, Harmonica, Ukelele, Jaw Harp - jonthewallflower
Ukelele - Seth Kent
Ukelele - Suzy Q U
Theremin - echolalianova
Vocals - gweninterrupted
Vocals - Jolynne

Final MMM 2 Score!

Created: Mar 20, 2010


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