Winter's Wandering

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Seize me

A fist full of petals

Velour sheen

Porcelain chains

Within the tapestry 

Of your entwined fingers

Catch me 

I am the shrilling hum

Of moth wings 

Waiting to meet the starlight 

Listen to the dramatisation 

Of a driftwoods journey

Met and swallowed at rivers mouth

Bleached, aged

Smoothed and curved 

The struggling plight 

Written in gnarls and knots

That soften for shapes 

Of magicians pipe smoke swirls

The tissue paper fragility

Of autumnal leaves

Pressed tight between pages

Of pocked and tea stained paper

Golden shell that took final flight

Take the scene to memory

Through blinking wonder

The orange washed forest

Lighting windows ablaze 

With russet goodbye

Take in the deep scent 

Of winter, menthols in moist earth

Faint notes of harvest bonfire

With the ghostly strands of cold 

Stalking breath 

Take your sight, your sense

The beauty of all, 

And cast it into your blissful dreams

Sunsets and wanderlust

 lingering with you. 

Created: Jan 19, 2012


Kyra_blue Document Media