Red And Black

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I’m meeting the girl again today

Behind her windowpane.

She intrigues my soul

As I watch her roll

On her bed without control.


The girl with Red beneath the Black

Sleeps with her head in Curls.

Curled and tall.

Curled in a ball.

Is she hiding or is she small?


If she is hiding, the world should wait,

She may be scared of herself.

If she is small

No longer tall

She is not scared at all.


But if she is Red beneath the Black

Is Black the girl she is?

And if the Red

Is completely dead

Is Black the girl in bed?


What happened to the girl with Red?

It matters not to me.

If Red is tame

Black is the game.

To me they are the same.


What matters is she sleeps with Curls.

Are Black and Red both wrong?

Has she been missing

Or reminiscing

A different Color all along?


Or are these Curls just curls of warmth

Hiding but from the cold.

Then give her slack.

No more attack.

Sleep girl, both Red and Black.

Created: Jan 19, 2012


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