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The dark strayed my mind to thoughts of you. Memories of what we had. Memories of the broken hearts that needed to mend. You saw me at my worst and I at yours. What we had, was comfortable. When we met, it was convenient. You were broken and I was lonely. A perfect match with all our imperfections. But convenience isn’t love my dear, and I know that now. Love isn’t that comfort between two people that are almost one in the same. I loved the idea of you, I loved being happy. But I’ve found that true love, is not who you can see yourself living with, who you can see yourself being happy with. Love is who you can’t see yourself being happy without. Someone who will test you and push all your buttons to see what you can handle. Someone who will ignite the fire in your heart. Someone who at times you will absolutely hate. Someone that despite everything has left a mark on your soul. Someone who, when they’re gone, fails to escape your mind and leaves you torn. Don’t settle for what is convenient. Don’t settle for what makes you happy. Find what makes you alive inside.

Created: Jan 19, 2012


Carlalalaly Document Media