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You over there, yeah, hey! I wanted to tell you a few things, help you out with something I've struggled with since I can remember, with something that's still not completely gone, but is definitely on it's way out. And no matter how many times you've heard this before, just listen. one. more. time. You know why? Because this might be the time it actually sticks, this might be the time it actually means something. So perk up your ears and lean in close, 'cause I mean every word of what I say with everything that I am. If you happen to tell others about what you've heard from me, and they shoot it down, scoff at what you say, don't mind their ignorance at the power of these words. Just smile and walk away. Hold your head high and stiffen that upper lip. You got this. You'll make it. Cause you're Here it is, pay attention, you, but if your mind happens to drift away while I read this to you, don't worry, don't fear. I'll read it to you a million times over, every second of everyday for the rest of my life because these words will never get old. Plus, it's for you after all, and I'm here for you, even if that doesn't mean very much right now, I am and I hope one day you can take solace in that...

Be proud of you are because everything about you is beautiful. If anyone tells you any different then they are too lost in themselves because even the blind can feel your beauty.

Created: Jan 19, 2012


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