city wanderlust

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Like submerged lungs searching for air in the depths of the ocean, I’d made my way through all the people with their laughing faces and their swaying bodies, holding tonic in their hands, through the doors of the dim bar and out into the cool night air. Breathe, baby. And just like that, the stillness of the night time allocates new strength into my being. The streets are quiet, but for the gentle pitter-patter of my shoes as I walk to my car. Every bench I pass begs me to sit and enjoy the stars above, but I know that isn’t wise. Memories of my father’s concerned lectures from my childhood always remind me to tread lightly in the city. Sometimes I wish my soul was in the body of a 40 year old man, as opposed to a 22 year old girl…

Created: Jan 18, 2012

Tags: text, night, girl, city

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