Bending my heart backwards

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Everything I wanted to give away, you pushed away.

And pulled away from

all the gifts

that I just wanted to give to you.

I'm bending my heart backwards

just tryna keep it steady paced

With your words carvin' out the vessels

and leavin' echoes

inside of there.

Everything you wanted to give to me, I took from you.

With no returns

but all investments

I was so reckless

caring for you.

 We could dance all night

we'd still be trippin' over our feet

cause we could never quite catch the beat

and refused to play a different song.

So I'll try to manage this goodbye

And pray to God you don't call for me

Cause damn if I don't trip over my feet

trying to make it back to you.

I guess I just liked getting hurt.

In that way you knew all the words

to stop me dead and make it burn

I've been doing this dance for so long

I guess now I'll take it off repeat.


Created: Jan 18, 2012


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