Give In

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there are so many things in my mind spilling out

like the lasagna i was supposed to have for dinner

but just forgot to take out.


I can't remember the words i used last night to write a song

but since when do i write?

and for how long?


Don't seem to be careful I dont seem to care

how can i be so bashful?

And all i want is blue hair


Punch the eyes out and make it a mask

Now i can pretend to be

the person i can't cast


A taste of the heavens and a taste of the dirt

Will i end up in your arms someday?

or just with a guy named Kurt?


Please Believe me Please be frank

Because these are all lies i tell myself...

just to fill up my tank


So don't be afraid of what i may become

people change for the better many times

so to what may i succumb?



Created: Jan 17, 2012

Tags: lasagna, succumb, give in, song, questions, poem

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