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He wasn't very vocal,

Calm and collected as could be,

But I could see things buried

Behind his grey eye's storming sea,


His rosy cheeks unmoving,

Except to smile whenever cued,

Within his hollow distance,

I knew he was abused,


His spirit lay in pieces,

But its beauty still remained,

His soul was not yet broken,

But it was very badly stained,


His heart was like a shipwreck,

But there was treasure deep within,

And there was the faintest, sweetest glow,

Beneath his precious, sun-kissed skin,


With his battle I could empathize,

But he did not yet know,

That he was not alone in struggling

To keep from letting abuse show,


Until one day I took his hand

and told him I could see,

He smiled as tears fell from his eyes,

and asked to run away with me,


We ran away into the night,

We never did return,

We left abuse in our past life,

We let our afflictions burn,


So may this be a light to you,

When it seems all hope is gone,

It seems far off, but the sun shall rise,

It's always darkest before the dawn. 


A lot of my writing is about abuse and hardships in life, and I apologize if this is too heavy for some. I am trying not to let this overload my writing but I am very passionate about it. Everyone has experienced some type of abuse in one way or another, and I strive to use my writing as a way to inspire hope. 


Created: Jan 17, 2012


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