The Danger of Heartache

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I searched within your frantic cry,

And for your soul I did lament,

For all the pain you tried to hide,

Was drenched with a sad, heartbroken scent,


A life which started out with such

Good intention and naivete,

Transformed into affliction's chamber,

Not even graced with reverie,


But what saddened me even more,

Than all the anguish you survived, 

When offered hope and new beginnings

The past was where you chose to reside,


For the dangers of your past are gone,

But still warning lingers in the air,

For the danger that remains with you,

Is the devil's self-pitying snare, 


Though your past is not your fault,

Your present gives you much control,

But if you choose to remain a victim,

You'll only further lose your soul,


So for your childhood I will weep,

But for your present I will pray,

That you will lift your head, my child,

and leave your heartache where it lay. 

Created: Jan 17, 2012

Tags: reverie, xan, survive, chamber, control, xanlee, cry, naive, lament, warning, weep, fault, pain, victim, anguish, affliction, broken, devil, heartache, danger, snare, damage, soul

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