a song well met

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I heard your song today

filtering, quiet,
from behind the countless pixels
that keeps me from you.
A strand of melody that bridges, concrete,
the gap where ocean and land and sky and sea
should have endeavoured to keep us separated.
I don't know your name, or where you are from
or who you are
but I know that you are.
Your hands carefully pick
sparse and strung out, a story
that sings in sighs,
falling on my ears,
staccato and legato dancing, partnered, in an silent room
that sings of wisdom
and the weariness that wears it, pale as a shade
knowing too much
that sings of melancholy
that shade of a grey day
in just the way that I have met it
or I would not be writing


Created: Jan 17, 2012

Tags: poetry and art

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