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He absolutely adores me like something he's never thought he'd ever have. I love him differently but in some ways, entirely the same.

He smiles and I smile back. Like a secret. And he knows me. He knows them. Well, he knows enough about them. About us and our dynamics as a family.

He knows me like I'm his own secret, holds on to me and hasn't let me go just yet. I still mean something to him. That has become one of the only things that are left mattering to me.

There are times though, when I'm a force too strong for him to hold on to or a thing too fragile for him to take care of and I know he's tired, and I don't know what to do, so I don't do anything. And it is so unfair, but he stays and I think "this is how we love the same".

Created: Jan 17, 2012


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