Binary Break (Gone Home)

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Recorded with a banana maraca, an acoustic guitar, a piano, and some cello.  My mother just moved back to Texas, and she had my old didjeridoos and weird instruments.  Unfortunatley, I left my didjeridoos at her house, so, alas, I'll have to write something else to incorporate those bad boys in. However, I did manage to grab my maraca disguised as a banana.  So freaking excited to have my stuff back.  

! e n j o y !

Was she dreaming? 
Or was she The Dream? 
She was a cat caught in cattle
hen spiraling moon beams 
Waltzed on top her naked dome.  
She fought a black hole,
nd the black hole won 
Goodbye, my love.
I see you've gone home.
My soul mimicked my lover's collapse 
My mind is a system of severed synapse  
I swallowed moons; grew largely morose 
I ate the date before its metamorphosis 
I'm alone with Alone and Alone is alone 
With the root of an oak budding out of my I


Created: Jan 17, 2012


tooantuh Audio Media